July 2018

Charlotte County West County Annex.

The Department of Motor Vehicles building, which also housed a number of other offices has been razed after a new building was constructed on the adjacent property. By demolishing the original building the county is using that land as additional parking space for customers. We have noticed over the past few years that customer volume has been increasing as the number of new residents arrive in Englewood.  Having lived in Los Angeles for a while we were used to spending the entire day at the DMV whenever we had to go. It got so bad that people made a living out of waiting in line and processing paperwork for those who could not take the day off from work or those who did not wish to spend the day in line,

Changes on Dearborn Street.

There are always changes on Dearborn Street and this month is no different. A new boutique store, Sisters, opened  about six weeks ago and have been doing a brisk business ever since. The owners are not sisters, however they consider themselves Sisters of a Like Mind and have been very close for a long time.

On the other side of the street the Englewood Antiques are closing their doors towards the end of the month. They will not be opening anywhere else but will concentrate on taking their merchandise on the road to various outdoor events. During this closing time period they are offering large discounts on merchandise in the store. Be sure to visit them before they vacate the premises.

Future Blogs.

In future blogs we will be featuring places you may wish to visit in and around Englewood to include surrounding communities. Also changes that keep occurring in the area, walks, tours, restaurants, new construction and living facilities to name some items. We plane on returning our websites to its rightful spot as the number 1  information guide for Englewood.