Early August 2018

Lemon Bay High School.

Summer vacation is coming to an end soon and students will be returning to class.  Generally the beach, any one of the four on Manasota Key or Boca Grande, are favorite spots for the kids, their parents or visiting guests including tourists. This year has been an exception in that we have been experiencing the worst case of red tide that I have experienced in all my years in Florida. The algae bloom in the Gulf is created by runoff of pesticides and fecal matter but normally is dissipated in a few days. This bloom is enhanced by the release of water from the Lake Okeechobee which has green algae created by pesticides and fertilizer from surrounding sugar plantations. The Army Corp of Engineers release the water into the Caloosahatchee river which fills all the canals in Cape Coral before dumping this into the Gulf. The result is thousands of dead fish washing up on local beaches, along with nesting size sea turtles, goliath grouper, manatees, dolphins, eels, manta rays and other mammals.


A couple of alternatives to swimming in the Gulf are
The swimming pool at Ann Dever Memorial Park.  This is a huge pool which has lanes for competitive swimming, a deep end with diving board and a section set aside for those who simply want to get wet and have fun. As you can see there is plenty of space for chairs and chaise lounges for those who want to acquire a tan.  There is a nominal entrance fee for using the pool. Ann Dever park is located on San Casa Blvd.
The swimming pool at the YMCA.  
The YMCA is located at the end of Medical Blvd., and besides the swimming pool, the Y offers a variety of health information classes, group exercise classes, individual exercise machines and 2 basketball courts.

Visit the Y in person, view their website at www.engymca.org or call 941-475-1234.

Filling the space left at the former Villa Capri restaurant is a new one named Annie B’s Beef n Booze.  Located at 8501 Placida Rd. Annie B’s is in the final opening stages and are currently serving guests for lunch, supper and at the bar.  Their menu certainly has a number of my favorites and some I am going to try.
At the other end of the strip mall is the Placida Grill. The Placida Grill moved in to this location when the Zydeco Grill , a Creole restaurant, closed it’s doors. During the season this restaurant is pretty busy, so reservations are recommended.

On a personal note:

The elections are almost on us  so this is a reminder to get out and VOTE.
If you are happy with the way things are going then VOTE for no change.
If you are not happy with the current administration, then make your voice heard by VOTING.

Regardless of your party affiliation VOTE.

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