Mid July

Charlotte County West County Annex.

A few months ago Charlotte County decided to build a new facility behind the current one and tear down the old building and turn the property  into a parking lot.  In addition to a number of government offices in the building it is also the home of the Division of Motor Vehicles.  Over the years we have observed the number of people using the DMV increasing on a steady basis, which is understandable when you see the increase in the population in the area.

Having lived in California foe a number of years I remember spending a day at the DMV each time I had to go, which meant missing a day of work. Some people made a business out of going to the DMV for clients who do not want to waste a day standing in line, or cannot get the time off from work or felt that losing a day’s pay is not worth it.  It seems like Charlotte County is working towards alleviating this problem.

New opening on Dearborn Street.

A new boutique store, Sisters, has opened it’s doors on Dearborn Street. Operated by two friends who say they are linked through friendship like two sisters and hence the name.  Stop by and take a look at what they have to offer.

On a personal note.

Our son & grandson visited us from Georgia and along with our eldest son’s daughter sharing a meal at the Beach Bistro on the Beach Road

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